We all want to have a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work. We all want to have such a bedroom that is sweet and peaceful in nature. A bed is the most important thing in a bedroom. A comfortable bedroom with a soft pillow and silk appearance bed sheet can give you a dreamy sleep. Your bed is the place that should kick out your all stress and worries from your world. The time when you are relaxing and sleep with your silky bed sheets and comfort pillow on your bed, is the golden time period of your day.


A pillow is considered that element on your bed which has direct relation with your sleep. Your pillow plays the most vital and essential role in providing you a satisfying, calm, restful and comfortable sleep. This article will serve you to get knowledge about different types of pillows that affect your sleep. Moreover, this article will tell you the benefits and advantages of memory foam pillows over the alternatives. You will surely enjoy this reading!

What does your pillow do? 

What does an adequate pillow do? The right pillow helps you to have a peaceful and calm sleep. You can enjoy a sound sleep and refreshing morning by choosing a right pillow. On the other hand, the wrong one can leave you tossing and turning all night. It’s a research based fact that wrong pillows can give you not only different muscular and joint pains but your GIT and metabolism is also disturbed, due to inadequate sleep and restlessness. There are usually two types of pillow material; Feather and Foam filled pillows. These two types can provide different levels of softness, firmness and flexibility.

Types of pillows materials:

  1. Down and feather pillows
  2. Synthetic memory foam pillows
  3. Latex rubber pillows
  4. Cotton pillows
  5. Wool pillows

Among them, the main two types of pillows are: feathered filled pillows and memory foam pillows.

  1. Feather pillows: These pillows are stuffed with duck feather or goose down. They are soft to sleep on, but can’t provide support to your back.Feather Pillow
  2. Memory foam pillows: They are made from viscous-elastic foam and provide soft comfort. They have gained the highest satisfaction rate of the customers.memory foam pillow

How to take care of your pillows:

  • If your foam pillow gets dirty, don’t wash it in washing machine or don’t apply water and shampoo or detergent because it might absorb liquid.
  • Clean your foam pillows with a damp cloth and then place under sunlight for few hours.
  • . Use pillowcases and case liners to keep memory foam pillows clean.
  • Usually feather pillows are dry- machine-washable. You can also use a dry-cleaner for this purpose.

Feather pillows Vs Memory foam pillows.

  1. Feather pillows can give you soft comfortable feel initially while gel memory foam provides support of neck and back that is a long lasting effect
  2. No special effect on body temperature and inflammation while memory foam pillows reduce body aches and muscular pains.
  • Feather foams are hyper-allergic and can proof as a home for dust mites while memory foam pillows are hypo- allergic in nature.

In conclusion, it can be stated that memory foam pillows not only provide your neck and spine a support, but also give a you calm and peaceful sleep. . Try memory foam products and feel the best!