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During the boom of the western civilization, people slowly became well conscious of how they dress. Clothing became an essential part of every human being. Clothing has also defined our social status and class in our generation. At that time, mostly all of the clothes are washed using the conventional way, which is hand washing. Difficult, huh?

That is until the later part of the 20th century came and innovation has been introduced in the field of washing.This innovation has taken its course on helping people wash their clothes easier and faster. It has taken much more burden out of the backs of the people. The innovation has contributed so much to saving everyone some time that can be used for other house chores and even quality time that can be spent with their families.

During the 21st century, another innovation made manual washing a thing of the past. It is where the washing machine came in and washing was never the same again.

People, as a result, became very happy with this innovation and the washing machine became an essential part of every home. The washing machine became an investment for each and every family. It started off as an expensive appliance and it proved to be too much for a commoner to afford. However, as the years went by, technology and cost effectiveness were able to finally meet halfway.This made every expensive appliance very affordable to every family, who needed the innovationto make washing their clothes a breeze.

In the recent years, manufacturers becamemore creativein making their products accessible to all walks of life. They have introduced the portable washing machine and many people were astounded of its portability, as well as its ability to do what its bigger brother can accomplish.

As of the moment, people who usually buy the portable washing machine are the people who do not have the luxury of space.Big appliancessimply do not fit their humble homes. Because of this, they preferred to buy the portable washing machine so that whenever they are done washing their clothes, they could easily stow it in their closets or in one of the tightest place in the house.

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It has, however, both advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is being a handy product that can be transported. It can also be useda lot easier compared to the conventional washing machine that needs so much energy to even move. The portable washing machine is also good when you often move from one place to another. This is an easy gadget to move around because of its size and weight. Another good thing about this is its functionality, which is directly comparable to its bigger version.

On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of this appliance is its small size. Its small size immediately sacrifices the capacity to hold a bigger volume of load. It might be beneficial for smaller families or bachelors who only have a small load of clothes to wash.However, for bigger families, it would surely pose a problem. Sure, it can still accommodate the number of clothes to be washed, but you need to constantly repeat the process in order to fulfill the task of finishing the washing.

There you have it. It would be good if you base your decision on which device would suit your lifestyle and your volume. The bigger one is good for big families, but if you are living alone or you do not have too much to wash, then a portable washing machine is just the right one for you.