How often we see people at the beach applying lotions to their body and a dark complexion that is obtained afterwards when they are exposed to sunlight, this dark complexion people love is usually called “tan” where the skin color is darkened as it is exposed to UV rays from the sun. Then again we have questions as per this is the only method for obtaining tanned body? No, there are many ways to get tanned other than sun bathing, namely using a tanning bed or indoor tanning.



Even though tanning is good, extensive exposure to UV rays leads to harmful effects, so to avoid these harmful effects we use tanning lotions which are used to make the skin soft, wrinkle free and fresh. Since there are different methods of tanning, there are different variations of tanning lotions that suffice our requirements that we desire in a particular method.


When the sun is shining brightly and the weather is intact for having a nice time, sunbathing has become a trendy fashion that allows us to have a relaxing time outdoors.

Sunless tanning

During the seasons where bathing in sunlight is not possible or to avoid the exposure of body to UV-A and UV-B radiations that might damage the body, sunless tanning is a major preference.

Tanning bed

A tanning bed is a device emitting UV radiations that is used for obtaining tan with minimal risks considering the exposure to sun in sunbathing.

Tanning lotions


As there are lots of varieties available for our use, tanning lotions can be broadly classified as

  • Accelerators

These lotions have great anti-aging elements in them like CoQ-10.

These are best suited for people who are about to get a tan for the first time and it can also be used by people who have a practice of using these lotions.

Accelerators possess ingredients called “unipertan” or “tyrosine” which are amino acids stimulating the natural pigment production in users

  • Bronzers

These are the most popular tanning lotions available in the market.

There are two types in bronzers, immediate and delayed.

To avoid streaking of skin, it is better to wipe off hands after applying.

It can include self tanning agents like DHA, walnut extract and even caramel

  • Tingles

These tanning lotions stimulate the skin to become redder and itchier which can last for hours even for the people who use it frequently.

The increased micro-circulation is the reason for the dark tan obtained as result.

Prominent ingredient in tingle that is responsible for the tingling effect is benzyl nicotinate

Even with their side effects, these remain to be the yielder of best results in all the categories.

  • Coolant

A soothing effect can be felt during bathing with the application of coolant lotions which enhances the tanning effects.

Main ingredient is menthyl lactate with other cooling agents.

Advantages of tanning lotions (indoors)

  • Skin moisturized
  • Tan remains longer
  • Reduce dry skin
  • Provide vitamins and nutrients to skin
  • Enhance the tan
  • Escape the “after-tan” odor
  • Prevent the burning sensations


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